Hiiii. I’m Jenna. I’m guessing you found your way here because you know me from my typos on Twitter, my NYT work, or perhaps my interest in healing justice? I also have a brand new book project, and a podcast. Those are my professional outlets. This is looser, more casual. A place for light meditations on life, digital culture, popular culture, and whatever music/recipe/small item is making me squee. I don’t write here super regularly, because, as mentioned above, I have 3-4 other jobs that take up the vast majority of my time and supply my income. It may take several months if the weight of the world requires me to rest and recoup. Empty cups cannot pour, as the Instagram proverb goes. If that bothers you, I welcome you to unsubscribe. This is a labor of love, and will not live up to your expectations of a traditional ‘news’ outlet or ‘feed.’ I am not churning out content for the sake of it, but for the pleasure of it.

This newsletter is set, by default, to free, for accessibility. It is available at sliding scale so those with more resources can support and sustain the work. If you have the means to support this project, I extend the deepest gratitude for your belief in this vision, and commitment to the time it takes to make it special. I believe my time is valuable and do not wish to devalue those of us who write for a living and I am also deeply invested in co-creating realities that are include equitable and non-capitalistic ways to share joy and information as well as reorient myself towards a healthier relationship between money, labor and output.

Comments are not enabled, but I always welcome feedback and responses. Letters are my love language.


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