A poem by Ada Limón & a word of thanks

September 2022

what i'm feeling from the soles of the feet to the top of the head

June 2022

on quitting coffee and learning when to slow down

March 2022

a recipe and reflection on the work of living
finding light in Lucille Clifton’s oracle cards

January 2022

draw up the powers from the deep like beforeListen now | a juicy meditation for a new year

December 2021

open thread: come now, taste what the world has to offerwhat are the things that are bringing you delight right now?
but we have to, anyway

October 2021

and we back

February 2021

The title of this dispatch came from a poem in my friend Ricky’s gorgeous debut poetry collection, The Life Assignment. The poem is called “Layaway…

January 2021

I pulled The Tower card again this morning. Typically, it signifies total destruction followed by a fresh start. Other interpretations say the card…
For the last week or so, my head has felt like a fried egg — overeasy and soft, a runny center, threatening to spill out everywhere. The pain radiates…